5 Best Smartphones within 10000

Are you going to buy smart phone in the market and your budget is too congested, don’t worry, some of the companies like real me, Asus, Xiaomi and Samsung are dominating smart phone industry with their features and affordable prices, these companies launched smartphones under 10000 with killing features, If you purchasing form online, there are big offers are coming this month, so wait we are listed some of the best smartphones within 10000 and you can easily gran them and take out your home.

Nowadays finding phones under 10000 is an easy task and you will find enormous phones and you need to be careful while buying, because some of the online sites are misguiding people while purchasing phones.

5 Best Smart Phones within 10000

Lenovo K8 Plus

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This one is the best phone that you can grab within 10000 and Lenovo has come up with exotic features. Metal unibody design has covered up and it has a specific hardware, that makes every customer to buy this phone. It has compatible with 4G and 5G and surrounded with Dolby 7.1 Atmos. Some of the features like, octa core processor, stock android and also Oreo android.

Xiaomi Note 4

Last year, this company has launched note 3 and it got a huge success in sales and now they are come up with note 4, they are offering mobile as a price of 9000 and this was a competitive price in the list. You can get this mobile form amazon or mi store.

Xiaomi Note 7 Pro

Another best phone that you can afford and Xiaomi company has offering to the customers, it has a unique design, camera features excellent, there is nothing much to say about this phone, because some of the big companies have the same features, but that is too much and why not to buy this phone.

Realme 5s

This phone come up with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 3/4 GB RAM and storage capacity up to 128 Gb capacity.  OS Android 9.0, rear and front camera come up with a excellent mega pixels and you can simply afford the phone, without any doubt. If you’re a game lover, you can buy this phone that will gives bets battery backup.

To conclude that, above are the best smartphones within 10000 with great features and battery backup, hope we listed best phones in the market, so you can easily buy the smart phones without having any confusions.

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