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Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms — the best and interesting medieval online strategy game ever made on iOS.   

The main goal of the game - to build and develop your own medieval castle, fighting with other players online via the internet, so you need to be online to play the game. And become great, strong medieval lord !

The game captures player by diversity, playing Empire: Four Kingdoms, you can build buildings, train an army to attack and defend from the other players.

The game begins with an introductory part in which you will be told what to do, how to rob enemies, recruit soldiers, what and when to build and so on.

You can expand your empire, get  more territory, to be able to collect resources, build more buildings and recruit more soldiers.


Empire: Four Kingdom review, download, cheats, codes, passing iOS Empire: Four Kingdom review, download, cheats, codes, passing iOS


As soon as you find that you are ready, you will be able to attack other players, alone or in collusion with other players by organizing own attacks on other users Empire Empire: Four Kingdoms.

The game offers a huge selection of upgrades for buildings and weapons. Empire: Four Kingdoms is very addictive, because the plot is constantly evolving and developing.

Empire: Four Kingdoms cheats   Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat codes  Empire: Four Kingdoms cheats

Not the last role is given to diplomacy. Fantastic graphics! Increases his wealth and fame, taking part in the exciting adventures!

Cheat codes, councils for passage and generate game currency for our readers:

At the beginning of the game you will be in the scope of protection, which is intended to protect the newcomers during this protection you can attack castles barons - a great opportunity to collect additional resources - to submit as many troops in the attack - all of them come with a catch.

If your troops are fighting outside the city - the opening of the gate in front of the striker will save you, you can open the gate to the menu Manage. Repeat this for as long as you have accumulated enough resources, build up your army to repel the attack.

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Game Empire: Four Kingdoms is completely free, available on Googleplay and AppStore.

Empire: Four Kingdoms download Android

Empire: Four Kingdoms download ios

You can also get a link to download the game on your smartphone from SMS:

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