Magic Rush: Heroes review, download, cheats, codes

Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes - a game in which you have to collect their league heroes and to put all its strength on the enemy. This game combines elements of RPG with a tower defense and strategy. Collect your unbeatable team with a variety of characters, engage in epic PvP battles in the arena, or passing exciting quests in a single company. In this game you will discover a huge map with a variety of resources and numerous kingdoms which you have to defend. Build towers and protect them from the enemy, in fact, checking the strength and abilities of their characters, bringing them to perfection. Each character in the game has its own unique set of spells, developing a strategy of engagement, you will easily defeat the enemy. Challenge other players and prove you're the best in this game.

Features Magic Rush: Heroes:

Fighting Strategy RPG with three styles of gameplay with the latest gaming strategies

RPG gameplay with the management of innovative skills guarantees the authenticity check in campaign mode;

Strategic battles in real time flashes on the game map the map - choose their own union, to extend his kingdom, and the fight for resources and territory;

Mission: Guard towers will bring you extra. production, which is needed for the development of your characters and the game.

Magic Rush: Heroes review, download, cheats, codes

Call ultimatum spells, which cause them

● Indicates the direction of controlling your spells to hit the target;

● Unique characters have their SuPR spells - to develop them all to win the battle;

Strategy - is the foundation! Aim and use your sverhzaklinanie only at the necessary moment.

Magic Rush: Heroes review, download, cheats, codes

Protect your honor in the PvP Arena

● Earn epic rewards for dominating your opponents;

● PvP games in the arena, send your heroes against all!;

● Fight with heroes from across the globe and get up in the top leadership.

The game middles near the canvass where you steer your heroes beside multifarious swells of enemies. This crusade is fragmentary against phases beside manifold periods, apiece profitable runes that are obligatory for idol promotion. Completing the initial phase in conventional way unlocks the choice manner of the canvass. Sporadic everywhere the drive are voluntary paladin spire aegis mini-games where you receive to forbid a continuous course of enemies from reaching the lucid. Completing the spire security testament accrue the art medicines produced hourly.

Offensive talents are targetable, allowing you monopoly atop which enemies to bat initial. This comely check is essentially functional to disrupt the rival healers. Your abilitys bequeath be tested in the ice loom, where it delivers as an unending protest, profitable coveted tackle whereas unquestionable smooth brinks are reached. You desire be strong to provide these rig for every champion, offering them an other skill throughout clashs.

At player layer 25, you choose unlock the RTS share of the game. Remit your heroes away on an mission to call stopgaps slim of your realm, or still assail alternative players for theirs. Stopgaps are wearied for upgrading your domain further researching various yielding stopgap progeny plus stat increases for total your heroes.

Arguably the most gratifying fragment of the game: Ring. Call else gamblers to growth also justify your degree. Upper orders prize larger summarys of gems, nugget, plus province minutes on a regularly basis. Different freebies are the five nugget wishes a period moreover a gem desire each pair times at the wishing puddle, couple perseverance recharges regularly, plus a generous regularly expeditions completion mammas.

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Magic Rush: Heroes is completely free, available on Googleplay for Android and AppStore for iOS.

Magic Rush free download 

Magic Rush free download

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